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Storytelling, weekly theme project, St. Louis Family Photographer

I am taking part in a weekly themed project with a group of many talented photographers (you don’t have to be a photographer to participate), via My Four Hens Photography.


Week 2/52: Storytelling



I made a resolution this year (don’t you love those?) to exist in more photos. Yet, this is the first one of me from this year so far (and already nearly half way through January!).

I know this is important, not as a photographer, but as a mother. We both need these memories to look back on. Our story.

mom and daughter


Fresh, weekly theme project, St. Louis Family Photographer

I am taking part in a weekly themed project with a group of many talented photographers (you don’t have to be a photographer to participate), via My Four Hens Photography.

Week 1/52 : Fresh


{fresh} picking? lol

Now I actually have played around a lot with this weeks theme, which was fun (and my first time doing this project). This image was never my intent, nor do I want to gross anyone out.;) But after seeing it, I just can’t stop laughing. My try today was to get her waking up sweetly in the fresh morning light. Though I did get a couple ‘okay’ ones, this one drew me in most. Fresh morning to a good day.;)

Real life, my friends.

good morning


And it was even included in her choice share of “weekly eye candy” on the M4H blog post! Head over to check out my photo along with the other many talented artists!


Print your images, preserve your memories, St. Louis Photographer

I remember this day vividly now. She was 5 days old. I had just nursed her in our bed, and slowly got myself up. I took her to the back room in our house, where the bright morning sun was shining through the window. There was still some snow on the ground. My husband was making coffee and breakfast.

I was exhausted, my breasts were aching from first time newborn nursings; so bad that I couldn’t have any article of clothing touch them. But I stared at her, in complete and overwhelming joy and love. How could she be so perfect? I’m really holding MY baby in my arms.

In her slumber, she began to flash the sweetest newborn sleepy smile. My heart fluttered. Then she did it again! I laughed. Then thinking how cute it would be to get a picture of such a big newborn grin. I grabbed the nearest thing: my cell phone. I turned its camera on and held it up, and waited. Surely she wouldn’t do it again, especially now that I had a grand plan to capture the moment. BAM! She smiled the biggest smile, and even chuckled a little in her sleep! I pressed the cellphone button as fast as I could as I too was smiling ear to ear at such a sight.

A short while later, I shared the image with my friends and family via Facebook. It even stood as my profile picture for a few months too. I laughed every time I looked at it.

newborn cell phone

And from there, life went on. She grew. She learned to crawl, talk, and walk. 

Now, 2 years later, I was reminded of this image, this moment, by Timehop; a cell phone app that offers the gift of looking back in time of years past, on the very same date. 

Then it dawned on me that this image, the image I loved so much, existed no where except for online social media. I don’t even have that old cell phone, nor did I ever retrieve images from it (including many pregnancy and birth photos). I never thought about it when I upgraded my phone. This image belonged in her baby book at least! Somewhere where I could look back on it. Somewhere I could show her as she gets older, and tell her everything I remembered about that morning, that smile.

Certainly, hopefully, the internet and all its glory will still have this image for long time into the future for me to view. But is that it? I’m going to log into my social media account to show my child images of her when she was a baby? Must we really be relying on digital media for such precious time freezing moments? Digital media of which is already known to fail/corrupt at some unknown point?

I documented this moment for a reason. This image, amongst many others, means a lot to me. Yet, it doesn’t exist anywhere in my home. My images deserve to be printed. Your images deserve to be printed. Even those low quality cell phone images. These are all still moments in our lives worth remembering.

I know I’ve always throughly enjoyed looking at old images of myself and my family. Even now, it is fun to look at our baby pictures for comparing to our daughter and whom she looks like most. I too am guilty of not printing images, and I’m a photographer that tells my clients to have them printed! I’ve taken so many pictures of her in the past two years, and yet the only ones I’ve printed are the 8 images hanging on the wall in our living room.

I recently went through all images of her, and had multiple hundreds of them printed. I took images of her from my Instagram account, and had them printed onto awesome little booklets through Artifact Uprising. I went through my old computer, my old hard drive, my external hard drive, and my current computer and had 800+ images printed to put into albums. All images that I cherish and want to show her when she’s grown. But this image only existed on Facebook, which I didn’t even realize. When Timehop reminded me of it, I realized that it was not printed along with all the other hundreds. So now I shall retrieve all those low quality Facebook uploaded images.

There’s so many different options for image printing and display. Am I’m sure those images look great on those picture CDs and USBs sitting on your shelf and hanging on your walls, don’t they? Didn’t think so. Moral of the story: PRINT YOUR IMAGES and preserve your memories.

Now if anyone knows of an easy way to retrieve all those videos, let me know.;)