Ideas to Include Your Dog in Photoshoots with the Family

We all know that the family is a very important part of our lives. For many people, their dog is just as much a member of the family. It’s no surprise then, that so many people want to include their furry family members in pictures with themselves and other loved ones. In this article, we will discuss how you can use your pet to capture some great memories while also making sure you have plenty of photos without them!

Always include them in family photos!

When you are taking family photos, make sure your dog is in at least one of them. If they won’t do anything but sit there and bark (which is totally normal), then it may be time to take the picture without them. However, if they will pose for a few shots with everyone else, definitely use those ones! There are even pet camera collars that can take pictures on their own when they are in frame!

Making it a group effort!

If you have two or more dogs, try to get them all together for your family photo. If you only have one dog and want another included in the picture, consider adopting an animal from a shelter so they can join the fun.

Capture your dog’s personality!

You can also include some of your dogs unique qualities in their photo with you and others! For example, if they love fetching tennis balls or playing tug-of-war, make sure to bring one along and get a few shots where they are participating (and looking like they’re having a great time)! On the flip side, if they are more of a calm and relaxed pup, make sure to get some with them laying down or napping!

Make it easy for your dog!

If you have an active dog that you want in the picture but is too rambunctious to be trusted next to everyone else, consider getting a pet camera so you can take some great shots from afar! For example, if your dog loves to chase squirrels in the yard and it’s too dangerous for them to get close enough to everyone else, consider buying one of these collars. They will last longer than a traditional collar anyway since they won’t be worn all day long on a walk!

Include your dog in on the fun!

If you have a home studio for making family memories, include your pup as part of that too. You can get some really cute pictures with them laying at their feet or even cuddled up next to them while they are posing. If those aren’t an option, try taking photos of them as they explore the house and yard. They will be more likely to stay in one place if you have their favorite toy there for them!

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